Application Form

Application Tips


Please note the following considerations:

1) If you created a login while registering for an event and/or submitted an inquiry, please follow these steps to access the application:

  • Log into your Curacubby account by clicking HERE
  • Click on “New Signup” on left side navigation (see image below)
  • Click on “Prospective Families Application”
  • Follow prompted steps to complete registration

Please feel free to email or call Curacubby at (415) 358-7605 if you are encountering issues!

2) Complete the Application in one Session. Partially completed applications will not be saved. If requesting a waived fee, ensure you have the code prior to filling out the application.

3. Application Fee is tiered. You may choose the typical application fee of $40, $60, or $80. You may also request to have the application fee waived by emailing:

Wildcat Canyon Community School