Our Purpose and Path

WCCS Purpose

We aspire to co-create a world where the highest ideals of our educational methods are accessible to every child. Where belonging and peace are rights held by all. Where education includes healthy spiritual development, and joy in learning becomes a stepping stone to meaningful change in the world. Where we honor the land, the wisdom of our elders and ancestors, and duty to the generations to come.


Wildcat Canyon Community School embraces a progressive approach to Waldorf-inspired education in which the curriculum is continually regenerated for relevance in the present time. We honor the child’s natural phases of learning and ignite the spark of individuality in each child, developing a lifelong commitment to learning, creativity, and social responsibility. WCCS is committed to dynamic governance by the teachers and cooperative community leadership; an economic model that values people over money; uplifting social, racial, and land justice in all domains; and ongoing training and practice in restorative and transformative justice.

“The most important thing is to establish an education through which human beings learn once again how to live with one another.”
— Rudolf Steiner

Wildcat Canyon Community School